LED Lighting : Professional Techniques for digital photographers.


Kirk Tuck’s Fifth Book is now available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and premier specialty camera stores across the country.

From the publisher’s press release:

Learn How LED Lighting Can Boost Your Creativity in the Studio or On Location

Kirk Tuck demonstrates the versatility and efficiency of LED lighting, showing you how inexpensive units paired with simple modifiers can produce outstanding results. As LEDs are continuous light sources, they make lighting design a more intuitive, efficient process. Cool and quiet, they also put portrait subjects at ease. Additionally, as photographers en- counter more assignments that combine still and moving photography, LEDs allow a seamless transition to video!

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Kate Neaverth or Adam Richards Amherst Media, 175 Rano Street, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207 (800) 622-3278fax (800) 622-3298 kneaverth@amherstmedia.comwww.amherstmedia.com

Learn How to

Select the right LED gear for your needs—and your budget

Buy or make modifiers that you can use to produce softer looks and gain greater control

Use LEDs in the studio or on location

Achieve flawless color with LED light- ing alone or as part of a mixed lighting setup

Create LED lighting designs for portraits, product shots, and architectural interiors

Enhance your videography with LED lighting

About the Author

Kirk Tuck is a corporate advertising photographer working in Austin, TX. His recent clients have included IBM, AMD, Dell, and Time Warner. He leads photo workshops across the United States.

Book Specs

$34.95, 7.5x10 inches, 160 pages 395 full-color photographs ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-447-6 Order number: 1958

Order from Amazon.com here:   LED Lighting, by Kirk Tuck

Tuck’s book is the very first book on the market devoted to teaching photographers about leveraging the advantages of LED lighting in their workflows.  The book is the result of 18 months of hands on research, the evaluation of many products designed for video and still photography use and dozens of actual photographic assignments for clients in central Texas.

This is Tuck’s fifth book for New York based publisher, Amherst Media.  To learn more about Tuck’s other Amherst books please refer to his Author’s Page on Amazon.com

Tuck is a commercial photographer and a prolific blogger on the topics germane to the fields of art and commercial photography.  He  currently provides photographic and writing services to an array of clients with a concentration in High Technology and Medicine.

You can contact him directly at: kirktuck@kirktuck.com